Meaningful Talk… Made Easy

Integrating faith into our conversations is essential for spiritual growth, but at times can be very challenging! We make having those conversations easy.
Please take your time to look through our resources and TALK topics. We’re glad you’re here! – Keith Dorscht Creator, The Communication Cure™

Welcome to Faith TALKS at The Communication Cure™

How we communicate is important Sharing, listening and talking are all part of how we communicate.  The quality of our communication determines our level of connection with one another. Without good connections, life becomes lonely, difficult and empty. The Communication Cure™ is devoted to helping you experience satisfying and meaningful connections starting with the way you talk.   Marriage Saver

NO Books. NO Complicated Teaching Methods. NO “How To” Program.

The Communication Cure™ is an easy to use interactive resource that simply leads you through complete conversations on relevant topics with the people that matter most to you.

Integrate your Faith into conversations, easily.

Each TALK series is individually designed to walk you through having great conversations on the important topics impacting your life.  

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  Each series begins with a “Start Here” set of TALKS that will bring smiles to your faces, spark thoughts you had forgotten about, and bring you closer in relationship together.  The series ends with “Going Deeper” TALKS that in amazing fashion help you be heard, understood and cared for, even when discussing the most difficult of conversations. See More Now about the Faith TALKS at The Communication Cure™.