About the Faith Marriage Talks

Because information didn’t cause the problem,

more information won’t fix it!

Good news! You can stop reading books and listening to relationship experts on how to improve your marriage.

I’m not saying there isn’t value in those activities, but look at it this way and ask “Do I need more information to improve my marriage?” or, “Do I want more positive experiences in my marriage?”

Your answer to that question is why I have been so excited creating and making available The Communication Cure™ Marriage Talks. It is not information. It is an easy-to-use interactive resource that simply leads you and your spouse through complete conversations on important marriage topics. It empowers you to break damaging communication patterns, share honestly and truly listen to one another with open hearts.

God wants you to experience great joy in your marriage. He designed your body and brain to function best when you are connected as a couple.

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The Communication Cure™ will create a connection and enjoyment between you and your spouse that will enable your marriage to experience and express God’s heart of love.

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These 30 Marriage TALKS will lead you to better communication, understanding and intimacy with your spouse. This series can turn dates into memorable experiences, prevent feelings of loneliness in your marriage and keep you from ever having to explore the more expensive and time consuming option of marriage counseling. These TALKS are designed to restore communication, build your relationship and experience again the love, joy and excitement that your marriage can provide you. Click Here to see pricing.
The Marriage series of talks includes 10 “Start Here” talks, and 20 “Going Deeper” talks.  

Start Here TALKS

My Favorites

We all have unique personal favorites and preferences. This TALK provides individuals the wonderful opportunity to know themselves better as well as getting to know their spouse better as you share with one another these personal favorites and preferences in a safe environment.

People in My Life

Experiencing joy in life is what gives us strength to handle stress and pressure well.

This TALK provides you with the opportunity to consider and openly share the positive relationships in one another’s lives that bring joy to the heart

Places I’ve Been

In times of relational conflict or upset, going somewhere pleasant can relieve some of the tension.

This TALK helps identify those places uniquely pleasant to each individual. You do not have to physically go to these pleasant places; you can simply contemplate in your mind being there because your brain can be positively affected by what you think as well as what you do.

The Highs

Many of the ‘High’ points in life are the result of significant effort. This effort should be humbly yet adequately acknowledged and celebrated.

This TALK allows couples to do just that even if the accomplishment was years earlier. By discussing the obstacles you have faced and overcome you can reflect on them in future times and draw real strength to turn your present obstacle into an opportunity

The Lows

Sorrow is an emotion that can actually have a positive influence on your brain, your life and your relationships. This TALK will help you learn how to process the sorrows of life in a healthy way.

While a sorrowful event cannot be transformed into a joyful one, you will learn how to respond to these events with sadness rather than grief that will guard you from the damaging and destructive emotions of anger and depression.


If you stop dreaming you stop living!  This TALK will provide you the opportunity to discuss your past dreams as well as future ones. Regain your hope for a brighter future now!

Wealth and Work

Our society and media define wealth in strictly material terms and work as the effort which produces material gain.  In reality, the measure of our wealth is in the quality of our relationships.

This TALK will provide the opportunity to evaluate and adjust your own definition of wealth and realize that work is what will make your marriage great.


The brain is strongly influenced by experiences of joy.  So much so that your brain actually boosts your immune system when you experience joy as well as strengthens your ability to delay gratification thus reducing illness and helping you avoid unhealthy foods that compromise the immune system.

This TALK provides the opportunity to discuss your health habits with one another and consider ways you might be able to improve them.

Leisure and Recreation

True leisure and recreation are great remedies for stress. Television and media provide only a temporary respite from stress.

This TALK provides the opportunity to discuss one another’s previous and current leisure and recreational activities as well as consider new ones to implement.

You and Me

Recollecting how you and your spouse came to meet and end up as a couple helps to keep the memories alive.  This TALK touches on the start of your life together recalling the fond memories of how you met and how your relationship progressed into marriage.


Going Deeper TALKS

Models of Marriage

Having healthy marital role models in our lives can be very encouraging.  When we are attempting to work through a difficult time in our marriage we can consider that role model couple and ask ourselves how they might work through that type of situation.

This TALK encourages both spouses to discuss the healthy and unhealthy marital role models they have experienced in life.

Understanding Our Marriage

As a marriage progresses and a couple “lives life”, there may be times of discouragement with the relationship.  When couples are in crisis it is not uncommon for one or both spouses to begin to feel they married the “wrong” person.

This TALK encourages discussion about the positive aspects of the marriage and the future together with a positive mindset.

Caring for Our Marriage and Protecting it

Most affairs start off innocent, with no intention of developing into an inappropriate relationship. This talk provides you the opportunity to openly evaluate how you are protecting your marriage, how it can be strengthened and what the rewards of caring for your marriage are.

Breathing Life Into Our Marriage

Over the years it is easy for a marriage to become stale.  This TALK encourages discussion about the current state of your marriage and ways you can bring “life” back into the marriage.

Valuing You

Having a sense of personal significance is key to contentment, and is a vital aspect within marriage.  This TALK encourages open discussion between couples as to how each spouse values the other simply as a person and consider ways to more effectively express that value to one another.


All spouses have expectations of each other but very few spouses ever talk about what those expectations are. Unspoken expectations hurt and undermine the strongest of marriages. This TALK will help you express, evaluate and adjust the expectations you have of each other.


A marriage with little to no commitment will suffer greatly.  This TALK encourages couples to discuss one another’s dedication to the relationship and consider new ways to strengthen that commitment

The Passion Between Us

There is a difference between sex and passion. Both are important in marriage but often passion is confused with sex and as a result, not discussed.  This TALK looks at passion and encourages you to think up ways to become more passionate in your marriage.

Working Through a Problem

Simply stated, no marriage is perfect.  Every marriage experiences relational difficulties.  This TALK encourages discussion about past problems within the marriage and challenges you to consider ways to more effectively work through difficulties together as a couple.


Appreciation is perhaps the greatest positive force in a marriage. When we are unthankful our ability to stay connected is weakened. This TALK encourages open sharing about what you have been and are thankful for. Build your relationship by expressing appreciation now!

Mutual Satisfaction

All marriages are faced with joint decisions.  A 50/50 compromise is not a great solution because both individuals end up giving up something they wanted which will eventually lead to bitterness and resentment.

This TALK will look at your values and help you understand how mutual satisfaction can strengthen your marriage.

Fine Tuning Finances

The topic of finances is not talked about near enough by couples.  Financial problems grow bigger the less they are talked about.   Whether you’re doing okay financially or need to make changes, this TALK gets the conversation started  so you can connect on this topic and better manage your financial decisions.

Surviving Stress

The more joy you experience as a couple, the more ability you have to avoid conflict and remain ‘good friends’ during times of stress.

This TALK is a chance to describe the stress you carry and develop ways you can help one another through stressful situations more effectively while maintain joy in the relationship.

Releasing Pressure

There is enough pressure in this world, you don’t need anymore, especially if it comes from within your marriage!  This TALK helps you identify what pressure you’re facing, it’s source and how you can come together as a couple to release it and be free.

Family: Unleash the Potential

Extended family (in-laws) can create difficult issues within marriage.  When these problems repeatedly surface it is likely that the root cause is underlying individual relational issues which need to be resolved.

This TALK will encourage open discussion regarding in-law relationships and encourage caring for one another and the marriage.

Fanning the Flame

Remember that spark when you first met? Is it still there?

TALK as a couple about the intensity of your love as it has fluctuated over time. Determine why your love is sometimes hot and other times cold. Finish the talk having created a warm glowing fire that you can both relax and enjoy!

The Strength of Friendship

Your spouse should be your closest friend.  If they are not, when a problem surfaces you may turn elsewhere rather than towards each other.

This TALK allows you to share how you really feel around each other, how that is effecting your marriage and how you can establish a best friendship with one another.

Listen to Yourself

Some individuals have developed a habit of negative thinking.  This TALK opens discussion about how we talk about ourselves which is a direct result of what we think about ourselves.

You will be encouraged to speak encouraging words of unconditional love to one another and consider ways to become an attentive listener when someone is speaking life giving words to you.

Resolved to Resolve

While conflict in marriage is normal it can also be confronted with negativity versus positivity.

This TALK encourages discussion about how you can “replay” a previous conflict/fight in a healthy way.  You will be challenged to consider a previous conflict together, and discuss ways to be more positive versus negative in future conflicts.

S.O.S. A.S.A.P.

Developing a healthy marriage is a lifelong endeavor and adventure for both spouses.

This TALK prepares you for those times when you need support, whether it be from a friend or a professional. It’s not always easy to be on the same page about your relational needs and we don’t want you to wait too long before you reach out for help.

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