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QUICK! Move to another city while they sleep!

… and other Effective Strategies for Surviving Life with Teenagers

I’m okay with a humorous headline because my wife and I are currently raising three teenagers and have three more who will be hitting that stage in the next few years.  And you know what?  I am a still a strong believer these are the most rewarding and enjoyable times as a parent.

Raising teens has it’s challenges, but because we have open lines of communication with our teens we spend a lot of time talking together.  We talk about important things- the things near to heir hearts. Not every parent has this… but I absolutely believe YOU can.

The Communication Cure™ Parent and Teen Faith category of Talks is by far my favorite resource we offer. It overcomes many of the hurdles parents face when they try to connect with and talk with their teen. Sometimes, we as parents fail to establish a connection with our teen and we wonder why they phase out on us.

At other times we are way too quick to interrupt them raising our voice. Well, let’s not even go there. I think it can be summed up like this – many times when we talk with our teens we end up acting like a teen.

The 20 Parent and Teen Faith Talks help you as a parent engage, listen better and stay calm when talking with your teen. When we add this into our conversations our teens will return the favor and act more mature.

I have realized working with teens that they live with as much stress in life as adults do, maybe even more. They have to figure out who they are, why they are here, who their friends will be and so much more. It is a privilege that can be enjoyed by a parent to walk closely with them on their journey. At the same time they need space. The Parent and Teen Faith Talks allow for that in such a way that teens feel safe enough to open up and have room to grow and realize their personal identity.

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Parent and Teen Faith Talks give you the opportunity to see into where your teen is in their relationship with God and participate in their spiritual growth. If you want your teen to share much of your faith and still have a faith that they own for themselves, these TALKS are for you.

Talking through the many topics in this package will allow you to hear your teens heart and free you to release them to God and into their bright future as an adult.

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The 20 Parent and Teen Faith TALKS help you as a parent engage, listen better and stay calm when talking with your teen. This series gives you the opportunity to see into where your teen is in their relationship with God and participate in their spiritual growth. If you want your teen to share much of your faith and still have a faith that they own for themselves, these TALKS are for you. Click Here to see pricing.
The Parent & Teen series of talks includes 10 “Start Here” talks, and 10 “Going Deeper” talks.  

Start Here TALKS

Friends – Same Gender

Every parent wants to know about the friends their teen has chosen, but how about the friends the parent chose when they were a teenager?

This TALK encourages discussion between the parent and teenager regarding their same gender friendships. Build your friendship with each other as you discuss the friendships you have had and have today.

Friends – Opposite Gender

What friendships does your teen have with the opposite gender? This can be an area of concern for parents or an area where your teen shows maturity, but you won’t know if you never talk about it!

Grow your relationship with this TALK as both parent and teen share and listen to one another on this sometimes sensitive, sometimes awkward topic. We make it meaningful and easy!

High School

Go beyond the common question of ‘How was your day?’

This TALK encourages teens to discuss the highlights as well as the difficult situations they have been faced with in high school thus far. The teen will be encouraged to share the less memorable moments and how it may be affected their attitude, behavior, study habits, etc. as well as be encouraged by the parent’s dedicated support.

Media & Entertainment

Choosing appropriate media and entertainment activities can be difficult for adults, let alone teenagers. Mix in peer pressure and those decisions become even more difficult.

This TALK provides the opportunity to discuss those choices with your teenager encouraging them to share their favorites and least favorites and challenging them to consider ways to implement good choices.

Positive Influences

As a parent, you want to have the greatest positive influence on your teen; but they live in a world of many influences.

TALK about the influences that are out there, how your teen views these influences and how they are an influence on others.


This TALK will really help you know, understand and care for your teen. Whether their memories are good or bad, emotions are attached to every one of them! Engaging your teen with the opportunity to talk about their memories with you will allow them to experience heightened positive emotions and decreased negative emotions around the memories they have.

This is an important TALK for them to be able to process emotions in a healthy way!

Reaching Your Potential

Teens that fail to develop their personal abilities often fall short of their full potential in life.

This TALK encourages consideration and discussion about the teen’s future interests, skills and character. Teens will be prompted to discuss their hopes and dreams for a career, dedication to that pursuit, as well as their individual qualities, skills, and character traits that would make them a good fit for that career.

Risky Behaviors

Making wise choices in life can be difficult, especially for teenagers influenced by peers.

This TALK provides the opportunity to discuss openly with your teen the decisions they are making that may actually be risking their health, emotions and future.

Your Future

When considering the current condition of our world it is at times difficult to remain positive about the future.

This TALK encourages teens to discuss how they feel about their future and share what hopes and dreams they may have.  They will talk about what they need from you by way of support.

A Better Family

No family is perfect. Not only does your teen know that, they have ideas how it can be made better.

In this TALK they will honestly share the successful as well as the struggling relationships they are experiencing within the family. They will be encouraged to respectfully share their thoughts on how you the parent could positively change and make life a little easier for everyone. Be brave and listen!


Going Deeper TALKS


Communicating with teenagers is nearly an art. Many times teenagers will receive your communication as being talked AT rather than talked WITH.

This TALK will provide the opportunity for your teen to safely communicate what you may need to change in your approach to them, as well as provide you an opportunity to do the same in regard to their approach.

Dating 101

Is your teen ready to date? You may not think so but they sure might! You can’t talk enough on this topic!

This is a two way TALK that encourages parents and teens to openly discuss casual friendship in comparison to exclusive relationships. Teens will be challenged to consider and implement their own set of guidelines for determining the timing of the steps taken from casual friendship into a more exclusive relationship.

Vampires, Ghosts & God

Does your teen believe in vampires, ghosts or God? Does it matter what they believe?

This TALK provides an open platform for teens to discuss their personal belief system. Teens will be prompted to share their perspective on Supreme Beings and Higher Powers, the afterlife, and how such beliefs affect one’s life. They will be challenged to consider the effects of supernatural movies, books and music upon their audience.


Does your teen value values? Do they recognize how values drive our country, life and relationships?

This TALK encourages the teen to share their current value system, how they came to develop it, and the value systems in the world around them. They will be challenged to consider what values they will never compromise or leave behind as well as ways they may wish to alter their value system.

Family Rules

RULES: Do you argue over them, enforce them, relax them or ignore them?

If rules are an issue in your home, let this TALK take you to a new place!

This TALK provides an opportunity for your teenager to openly discuss the rules currently in place in your home, and it gives you an opportunity to truly hear their heart on this subject.

Parents as Role Models

Telling our teenager what we expect FROM them rather than being a role model FOR them creates tension in your relationship that is felt by all but not easily identified or removed.

This TALK encourages teens to share their experience of you as both a positive and negative role model for them. Be brave and hear them out! Your openness will go a long way in building a better relationship with them.

Healing Our Relationship

Does your teen display indifference, anger and disrespect toward you? Chances are, they are carrying a hurt caused by a parent and that hurt has not been addressed.

This TALK encourages teens to share a time when a parent has hurt their heart. They will be prompted to honestly share in a safe environment how their heart was hurt and how the offense made them feel. You will be given the opportunity to mend the hurt and your relationship.


Self-esteem is something we all want our teens to have but do you know what you can do as a parent to help them attain it?

This TALK gives you the opportunity to hear your teen share their self view, how it has been shaped and hindered, how they are coping, and how you can help them build esteem and come out of their shell. We want to help you help your teen and this TALK makes it easy to have meaningful talk on this important topic.

You Are Unique

Do you want your teen to follow others or be themselves?

This TALK provides an opportunity for teens to consider their unique traits. They will be encouraged to consider whether they tend to draw attention to themselves or stand on the sidelines and blend in. They will be challenged to consider ways they can enhance their unique qualities and become a positive influence upon others.

Growing Up

What parent hasn’t told their teen to ‘Grow Up!’ or at least thought it? A big part of growing up is learning to do hard things and valuing the sense of satisfaction that comes with completing those tasks.

This TALK encourages discussion on this vital process. Teens are prompted to consider how becoming an adult will include learning to do difficult tasks and contemplate ways to better press on and complete difficult tasks in the future.

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