Parent & Child TALKS

Parent & Child TALKS


These Parent & Child TALKS will leave your child feeling listened to, understood and known. For a child, this is bliss! Children love to be enjoyed by their parents. These Talks provide plenty of opportunities to share your faith and nurture their faith. Down the road if their faith is challenged they will have a safe place to explore discuss their struggles and victories.

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The Parent & Child series of talks includes 10 “Start Here” talks, and 10 “Going Deeper” talks.  

Start Here TALKS

When You Were My Age

Nurturing a heart to heart relationship with each of our children should be an intentional priority and focus.
This TALK encourages parents to consider what their own favorite, funny, happy, or difficult experiences were when they were the child’s age thus opening windows of relational discovery.

Getting to Know Me

Your child loves to be known. Taking the time to talk sends a strong message of love, value and worth to your child.

This TALK provides the opportunity for your child to touch on a variety of areas in which he or she has an opinion, preference and interest in.

The World You Grew Up In

Things are likely very different your child’s life today in comparison to how things were when you were a child.

This TALK encourages the parent to talk about those differences through a variety of topics such as popular cars, news, television programs, etc.

Today’s World

This TALK encourages the child to share how things are in today’s world. They will have their own views, understanding and perspective. Welcome your child’s sharing and listen attentively to all they say!

When You Went to School

Education varies from generation to generation as well as by genre (public school, private school, home school).

This TALK encourages the parent to discuss their personal education experiences with the child including recess, travel to and from school, clubs or sports you were involved in, etc.

School Today

This TALK encourages the child to share their personal education experiences (versus the parent’s educational experiences). Included are topics such as favorite school subject, teachers, first day at school, achievement and recognition.

Where You Lived

We live in a world where it is common for families to relocate several times.

This TALK encourages the parent to discuss their childhood home(s), neighborhoods, bedrooms, kitchens, etc. with their child.

Where I Live

This TALK encourages the child to share with the parent about where he/she lives including topics such as their feelings about where he/she lives, their yard, bedroom, and individuals living in the home.

Your Family

Individual family dynamics are unique in a variety of ways. This TALK encourages the parent to share what their family life was like at the child’s current age including siblings, family traditions, special family members, and positive family memories.

My Family

This TALK encourages the child to share aspects of their family life with the parent. Included are topics such as family memories, siblings, spending time with special family members, and lessons learned.


Going Deeper TALKS


Question: How can you ‘get’ a child to spend less time in front of a computer or TV?

Answer: Help them discover, develop and use their God given talents.

Every child has been given unique talents that, when used, provide a great deal of personal fulfillment and satisfaction.  This TALK provides the opportunity for your child to consider and discover their own unique talents and encourages them to live them out to help others and enrich their own life.

Working Through A Tough Time

Even for young children, life has its share of relational upsets.  This TALK encourages your child to share a time they have been upset by someone else.

You will hear what happened, how your child felt, how they handled it, and consider ways to help them handle these types of situations in the future. Parents will have an opportunity to consider the events shared and pray specifically for their child.


This TALK begins with you sharing with your child some of your own difficult educational experiences with a particular teacher, peer or subject.  Your child will then share their own experiences.  Your child will be encouraged to consider ways to work through these difficulties most effectively.

Making Good Choices

With all our heart, we want our children to make good choices, ones that please God and reflect biblical wisdom. One of the best ways to see this happen is to proactively start talking to them at a young age.

In this TALK you will share wise and poor choices you made when you were your child’s age.  Your child will learn from your stories how wise and poor choices affect life and relationships.


God is LOVE. The fruit of the Spirit is LOVE. LOVE is life for your child!

This TALK encourages your child to share their thoughts on being loved and giving love to others.  Discover what words or actions from you motivate and give life to your child. Find out how your child feels when love is not expressed and consider ways to be more loving

When You Feel Upset

One of the most important ways you can care for your child is to help them talk through those times they are upset. When they have your support they can learn for themselves how to get ‘unstuck’ from negative emotions. This TALK makes it very easy for you to connect in a  meaningful way with your child!

Caring For You

Our parenting should mirror God’s parenting of us; enjoying, protecting and caring for children. However, at times our children may meet our involvement with resistance.

This TALK provides the opportunity to express the “why” behind the boundaries or decisions you make to protect and care for your child and encourages their heart to be more receptive in accepting those boundaries and decisions.

Help Around the Home

Learning to help with tasks in the home is a valuable trait for children to learn.  Use this TALK to discuss with your child their observations and opinions about help around your home as well as express their opinions about what they personally enjoy or don’t enjoy about household tasks.

Family History

Today is the day to start sharing family history with your child. In this TALK we make sure what is shared is helpful for your child to know. How does your child fit into God’s ‘Big Picture’ well as your family’s history? The right amount of detail will go a long way in preventing them from repeating family mistakes and in equipping them to improve upon the success of previous generations.

Making Our Relationship Better

Now that you have completed all 20 Talks then you are experiencing a relationship with your child that is better than ever and they are feeling enjoyed, protected and cared for by you. Well Done!

This TALK will allow you to discuss their relationship with God and solidify your commitment to keep lines of communication open and meaningful.


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