Regardless of what the problems are,

the solution ALWAYS requires meaningful communication.

The Faith section of The Communication Cure™ is particularly special and personal to me. It incorporates our Christian faith. Our faith shapes how we think, act and talk. Having counseled and spoken with thousands of couples, I’m intimately aware that we all have differing levels of faith, and various levels of desire to bring it into our everyday conversation. You’ll find here, Meaningful Conversations, with Faith… is Made Easy. One privilege I have cherished for over a decade has been to lead week long marriage intensives – I’ve done it with hundreds of couples. It’s a time for people to focus on nothing but their marriage. It never gets old seeing closed postures, folded arms, red faces, no-win conversations, and raised voices transition to people feeling valued, listened to, understood, connected and hopeful. It brings me joy every time! Over those years, many couples asked me if there was a way for them to enjoy the same strong connection and meaningful conversation they experienced during our counseling together. In response, I created The Communication Cure™ – a patent pending resource that builds relationships by connecting people through face to face communication. Each categorized TALK incorporates the same effective methods and brain based strategies I use in my office to create heart level change. Only now, facilitation occurs at your convenience in the privacy of your own home. NO books. NO expensive counseling. NO “how to” programs. All it takes is a laptop or tablet with an internet connection to experience conversation, made easy… with your spouse, teen or child. Click now on the Marriage, Parent & Teen or Parent & Child images below for details on the engaging TALKS within each category!  
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